Worship and Creative Arts


Worship and Creative Arts


At Life Unlimited Church we are passionate about worshiping God with the gifts, talents, and abilities that He has given us. Every service we have the wonderful opportunity to gather together to enjoy His presence and sing and play to Him, knowing that He seeks those who worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. We are a group of musicians, singers, and sound engineers dedicated to using what He has given us, to bring glory to His name and to lead others to do so also.

Creative Arts

DNA Creative Arts is devoted to providing instruction in the practical, aesthetic, and spiritual aspects of our creative expressions within the church. From music, drama, video, dance—through whatever medium God has given you the ability to express yourself creatively—you will learn how to foster an ongoing pursuit of excellence for the sake of edifying the church.


If you are a musician, singer, sound engineer, or would like to be a part of what we are doing, please contact

Tim Turner at :Tim@lifeunlimited.org