DNA Class



DNA Culture:

DNA Culture will equip you and empower you to become an effective member of Life Unlimited Church. DNA Culture will instill purpose, vision and core values into your life. It will take you from being a new believer/ member to being an integral part of the life of LUC.

DNA Holy Spirit:

DNA Holy Spirit provides practical teaching on the baptism in the Holy Spirit. DNA Holy Spirit will dispel the myths and the mystery of the Holy Spirit and teach you how to live a true Spirit-filled life.


DNA Marriage:

DNA Marriage is an amazing class that will cover topics like communication, dating/romance, sex, marriage and family. This class is primarily focused on marriages and your marriage will be strengthened. The intent of DNA Marriage is to bring life, excitement and joy back into marriages. There will be a nominal fee to cover materials.

DNA Preaching:

DNA Preaching will empower you to be a better preacher and communicator. This course is both theory and practical. You will deliver sermons/speeches that will be evaluated and critiqued. Class size is limited to 5 people. There will be a nominal fee to cover materials.

DNA Evangelism:

DNA Evangelism will teach you how to: share your faith, overcome fear, learn what other religions believe, as well as other powerful principles that will make you effective in reaching others for Christ. There will be a nominal fee to cover materials.