Be Bold and Share Your Story

While Pastor Brandon was preaching this morning he challenged us to be bold about sharing our testimony. I was reminded of something that happened this week that illustrates just how easy it can be. I believe God set this up for me because I have been praying for opportunities to share with co-workers and students alike.

I work at a trade school and instruct students between the ages of 16-24. I happened to walk into my classroom near the end of the day on Friday as students were discussing smoking. When they saw me, one of them said, “You never smoked, did you Ms. McComb?” I told her (and the group), “Actually I did – over a pack a day.” They were shocked! Another student asked, “How did you quit smoking? My mom has been trying to quit for years.” I then shared this testimony with them:

Years ago, when I was first born again I had been invited to a women’s weekend retreat. I was told the campground where we were staying did not allow smoking. I really wrestled with it but in the end decided to go and leave the cigarettes at home. This decision was made with a lot of prayer, believe me! The funny thing was that while I was there, I saw women hiding behind buildings and bushes sneaking cigarettes.

The retreat was awesome and I returned home and realized I had gone 3 days without smoking and it dawned on me that if I had gone three days, I could another and another and why would I go back and pick up a cigarette now?

I also told the students that I was not trying to convert them or anything, just sharing what happened to me, but that I believed it had really been a supernatural deliverance because quitting a habit of a pack-a-day cold turkey just doesn’t happen without God’s help. I told them I wanted to read God’s word and get to know Him but I felt really strange reading my Bible and smoking a cigarette at the same time. This proved motivational for me as well.

The students listened to what I had to say and then the conversation moved on but I believe seeds were sown in their hearts that others will water and one day they will put their faith in Jesus too.

It was just so easy to share because I wasn’t telling them how to feel – just telling them about something that happened to me and left it to them to figure out what they thought about it. They were very respectful and no one complained that I had talked about Jesus at school.

Thank you Lord for providing me the opportunity to share what you have done in my life in such a natural, straight-forward way.

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